Staking Some Ponies

Well my TV heat was on the other night and the feedback Ive got from most corners was pretty pleasing. Most of the people who said I did well have never played poker before and were going on what the commentators were saying, but I'll take it. A few others reminded me that the camera adds ten pounds, but I can assure you, it was me adding those tend pounds and another 30 or so more. My weight loss prop is going well, I've stopped gorging on food, started eating fruit and I'm doing overtime at the gym. My target for the bet is 2 stone by the end of the year, which would be pretty inexcusable if I didnt hit it.

Good to see that Amatay has kind of given up a little on his 10k prop bet. He is still doing well and hopefully he makes enough to still have a profit from the month, I just wish I bet more. Ariston is very confident he could do such a challenge with his hands tied behind his back and I'll be sure to give him action if he does.

It got me liking the idea of wagering on peoples performance at the tables so I'm going to invest a little wedge in buying shares in players. I like the idea of staking people to play these small stakes tournies on stars and tilt, just because the fields are so big that the final table pays out better than some of the $100 mtts and I dont have the time or patience to play smaller than that. I've just bought 5% in Chris 'NoflopsHomer' Hall in the $1500 PLO at the WSOP, he made the final table of the Green Joker Poker PLO event which was a tough field, so he certainly has a good shot against a primarily American field. I also have a $50 WSOP stake in poker author Matthew Hilger, who is a real dark horse who pops up now and then with a huge result (recently won the Full Tilt $750,000 gauranteed). Finally Im gonna do a 50/50 thing with Nick Wright for a few GUKPT sats as he knows his stuff where satelittes are concerned.


Mr Cea said...

Link swap let me know pal

Anonymous said...

I think you played well on the telly, you looked the most likely player at the table to make good things happen for yourself rather than wait for cards to drop in your lap. And I thought you isolated and attacjed the weakest player with some aplomb! Question though, If you had known you where in a flip with Keston would you still have taken it?

You did'nt look 16 stone either, still good luck with the bet, wish I had got you on a cross over bet as I have done two stone this year! My only tip would be develop a love of sea food salads and walking and the weight should drop off.

Anonymous said...

I see what your saying about Marty but I still think think you should have folded if you had known (which obviously you cant because you did'nt).

From what I viewed should have been any two from three (U, Keston and Marty) for the two spots with the others being dead money, funny the way these quick structures work out though and Marty ended up having to gamble so who knows.

Amatay said...

Not given up yet mate. Only played 150 games but i've made $1510. I strongly believe i can maintain this rate or at least close to it. this means i need to make $500 a day everyday and play 50-70 games. All the doubters at the start kinda made me believe it was impossible and affected my motivation to attempt it. I can do it, watch me ;-)

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