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"The Seminal Work on Tilt"
Jesse May, The Poker Show

“Raises the bar so high for poker mindset books, other thinkers may not be able to clear it.”
Jack Welch, Poker Head Rush

"I’ll give TMGP a big thumbs up. I think it’s one of the few books that breaks new ground in the poker genre."
Bill Rini

"There are a few reasons it is quite so good. First, it’s clearly written. Second, it’s extremely well organized: the mental game is a sprawling subject, covering tilt, confidence, focus, injustice and so on. That Tendler and Carter have managed to be so exhaustive in their coverage is a credit to them, and is presumably a result of Tendler’s extensive field work, dealing with many high stakes pros such as Dusty Schmidt, Jordan Morgan and Taylor Caby. Third, and perhaps most important, it approaches the subject matter in the correct way."
Alex Rousso, Unibet

"What we have here seems to be an advancement on the traditional approaches to the Psychology of Poker espoused by Schoonmaker amongst others."
Rich Prew, Blondepoker

"Quite simply it is the only book you will ever need regarding the mental side of poker. Everything is so simple yet so effective that I challenge you to read it and not sit there grinning like the village idiot whilst bobbing your head in agreement like a nodding dog."
Matthew Pitt, Betfair

"I honestly believe if you are going to buy a poker book then make it this one. This book contains advice that simply isn’t out there on forums or training sites and could well be the most important book you ever read."
Matt Perry, Bluff Magazine

"It is completely different from anything else out there. It is the only poker book I have ever read which I would say was useful and changed the way I view myself and the game."
Mayliss Boardman

"Get down to your local charity shop and hand them all of your poker books today. You no longer need them. As of right now they are chocked full of outdated processes and principles that no longer apply in the modern game. Get online and order The Mental Game of Poker now."
Lee Davy, Blog

"Any player that hopes to have long-term success with poker needs to have this book in their library. The mental side of poker is huge, and this is a good investment in that direction. For $50, it is a steal."
Verneer, Cardrunners

"I have not heard of these concepts anywhere else before, and I truly believe that when the time comes for online poker to be legal again, I will have the right mindset from the start to maximize my performance.  Again, I recommend this book to anyone"

6Deuce Poker Blog

"I'd like to thank Jared Tendler and Barry Carter for writing 'The Mental Game of Poker' book. A book of poker truths and revelations which I now refer to as my bible."

Got-wai Blog

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