The Mental Game of Poker 2 is Now Available

MGPoker2_FrontCover_1.16.131-200x300The pre-order is over and The Mental Game of Poker 2 is also now available as an ebook! Click below to get a copy in your favorite format: Kindle Kindle UK Kindle Canada Kindle Germany Apple iBookstore PDF ePub Nook

Softcover Now Shipping

Today is the last day to get one here for 20% off. You can also pick up copies here: AmazonBarnes & NobleAmazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Germany  

1,000 International Stadiums Poker Tour Seats Guaranteed

Today I announced a Blogger Freeroll for Dusk Till Dawn and the International Stadiums Poker Tour. The details are below, I thought however I would explain briefly the background.

I literally thought Blogger Freerolls were very underused in the poker media. I am amazed nobody else has done a big one after the success of the PokerStars World Blogger Championships, which is a brilliant way to get lots of free links from perfectly matched poker blogs.

I’m not actually working for or being paid in anyway by the ISPT or Dusk Till Dawn. I just suggested it to Rob Yong after I met him a couple of weeks ago for an interview, and I want to support the event, so I’ve just helped them with some of the background stuff for it. I’m doing this as a free favour because Dusk Till Dawn is the best cardroom in the world and has done so much for the industry I work in, I really did not want to be paid for it. I also have been super critical of the previous incarnation of the event, something which I still stand by every word of, but since DTD have got involved it has been very much the same as when PokerStars rescued Full Tilt for me.

 1,000 International Stadiums Poker Tour Seats Guaranteed

The International Stadiums Poker Tour is your chance to say you played at Wembley. €1 million is guaranteed to the winner. Day ones start live and online from May 11th and day two takes place at the iconic home of English football, Wembley Stadium, between May 31st and June 5th.

You can qualify for free at Dusk Till Dawn Poker, where 1,000 €300 Day One seats will be guaranteed in satellites between May 6th and May 24th.

To win your seat, all you have to do is:

1. Visit the International Stadiums Poker Tour Schedule Page for details on qualifying.

2. Register an account at Dusk Till Dawn Poker, where you will be automatically credited with a €2 satellite token.

3. If you win a €300 day one seat you can use it online or live in one of 10 day ones being held. You can win multiple tickets as this is a re-entry event.

Good luck and see you at Wembley!


The Mental Game of Poker 2

MGPoker2_FrontCover_1.16.131-200x300Jared Tendler and myself have finally put the finishing touches to our second book The Mental Game of Poker 2. For fans of the first book, it is not a reboot.

The first book dealt with mental game leaks like tilt. This book is all about improving your mental A-game - it covers The Zone, Learning, Focus, Decision Making, Goals, Grinding etc.

It is available for preorder now for 20% off, plus an invite to a free webinar and signed copies.

Check out The Mental Game of Poker 2

New Blog URL: Poker Media Pro

After a long blog break finishing off The Mental Game of Poker 2, I have returned to my blog about the poker media which I was really enjoying writing, and a few people at least were enjoying reading. I've decided to take it a little more seriously and make it specifically about the poker media, which is why I have created a new blog from scratch and transferred the relevant content from my blogspot blog.

I went with the name Poker Media Pro mainly because I wanted the words poker and media in the URL. I went with pro at the end because its the shortest and therefore most memorable one I could think of, and also because the pro part is a play on the term poker pro, which should make it even more  memorable. There is part of me that worried that pro made it sound a bit douchey, but I'll get over it.

The two main areas for discussion on this blog will be:

The Poker Media

The area I have worked in for the last eight years and which I feel I have the most experience in. I started doing these blogs about the poker media specifically because I get so many people contacting me asking for advice on working in the poker media and creating content, that I wanted to document the responses I would give to save me having to write out two page replies every time.
I could blog about all things poker like most of my peers, but this is one niche which I feel is big enough for there to be some interest, yet to my knowledge has little to no competition. If there is one thing I have learned from working with Jared Tendler it is how powerful it is to be the only person who does what you do. Of course the people who are interested in the poker media are vastly fewer in number than the people interested in Jared's work, but it is nice to have the chance to make myself the 'go to' guy for poker media regardless.

Poker Marketing

The other thing I get asked about on a regular basis is advice on how to get more exposure for poker products. Marketing was one of my main roles at PokerNews, I have had a few private consulting gigs for small poker companies in recent years, and to date my biggest marketing success was The Mental Game of Poker, which has sold tremendously well despite being released on Black Friday of all dates.
Poker marketing is a much more competitive niche, but I think I have discovered a niche within the niche, which is poker marketing on a budget. We barely spent a penny on the marketing for The Mental Game of Poker and there is so many effective ways to reach the audience which don't mean you have to pay for adverts or to stick a patch on Michael Mizrachi.

So for those of you who subscribed to my blog, bookmark www.pokermediapro.com as that is where I'll be doing most of my blogging from now on. 
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