Meh 2010

It’s actually been a pants start to 2010, nothing awful has happened just lots of tiny nuggets of bad luck. We went to see that Avatar film but the battery went on my car en route just as the snow started belting down, meaning we missed the film and had to buy a new battery from the AA man. Then the car got stuck in the snow while my girlfriend was on her way to work, had to abandon it and we had to go and rescue it later on, just as we had a problem with our plumbing and had to get a plumber here on the most disrupted snow day in years. Also had my annual slip on the snow this morning, thankfully nobody was around to see it, I will be braving the rest of the ice this year using my Dad’s tried and tested method of socks over the shoes.

Also started the year running very badly at the tables, but because it’s just the start of a whole 12 months that hardly seems worth mentioning.

Finally saw Avatar and it was worth the wait, though perhaps not the £120 it cost me in total.

Some good chirps though, UK Pokernews has been nominated for an APAT award for Best Media Provider. You can vote for us here by joining their forum and voting for us (Also vote for Blonde in the best forums category). Very nice just to be nominated, though I think the Nutz.tv will win because they have a community following, Pokernews are more of a service like the BBC website, while the Nutz.tv are more of an interactive fun thing like facebook or someink. Both very good at what they do, both very different animals though.

The book has started coming along well, after a lot of planning we are finally into the ‘writing words’ aspect of it. It looks like it’s going to be tough but rewarding, Jared is learning and developing as a writer from my influence (Put your own joke here) and I am learning his material more and more, which is obviously going to benefit me as a player. Lots of other things are getting in the way, such is life, but hopefully we will have a more than finished product ready way in advance of the World Series of Poker this year.
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