Poker Awards and Bluff Power 20

No this blog is not dead, I'll explain why I've been AWOL for a few months shortly.

2013 is going to start very hectically for yours truly. I'm proud to say I have been selected (once again) to judge the European Poker Awards. This year alongside me are two of my genuine poker heroes, Jesse May and Joe Beevers, so I am really looking forward to it.

I have also been selected (for the first time) to be on the panel of 50 to select the Bluff Power 20 next year. I don't consider this to be an awards system, I genuinely think its a fascinating snapshot of our industry. You only have to look at how much it has evolved in the last three years, from being quite player centric to very industry and regulatory focussed. I'm a tad nervous for the simple reason I am not as versed on the US politician side of things, but I do feel I have a few suggestions for people who have been quite overlooked in recent years - I'll share my personal 20 when I've done it.

Still mega busy with PokerStrategy.com, still love the place, they really are the best company I've worked for in poker.

But most of all, this has been keeping me busy, you can see what the fuss about is in April:

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