The Green Joker Poker Festival


I'm back from Drogheda, Ireland, after giving the locals a lesson in blowing a chip lead in both the €1080 event and the €550. The Green Joker Poker Festival held at the Drogheda card club was by a country mile the best tournament I have ever played, with a structure to die for (15,000 chips and no running antes).

As mentioned I donked off any early chip lead in both events and went out on day 1 of each, had a load of fun though and my good friend and subway sandwhich buddy Jen Mason won the main event and €30,000. Even though I bust out early, I and every player there was happy to have played, because the structure allowed for creative play, seeing lots of flops and being able to get away from hands. People need to know about this tournament because it needs to grow, if you have ever hated the crapshoot stage of a tournament, get yourself to the Green Joker Poker Festival.

No fun in the sun for me

Many people think that giving up the 9-5 grind and making a living in the world of poker means that glorious days like this are to be revelled in. After all I can go to bed late, sleep in and take a walk in the park next to my apartments if I want to when the rest of the world is clockwatching at work.


Every day you are not making money seems like a wasted day, so this morning (after a visit and a cuppa at my Dads)when the sun started shining I was sat playing SNGs til noon. I am now sat indoors gearing up to start writing something.....anything, with the noise of children playing in the park and the knowledge that I have spoken to a grand total of 4 people today - which is something of a working from home record.

The next few days will be a lot more social for me, though still probably exempt from the sunlight, as I head to Ireland for the Green Joker Poker Festival. It promises to be a juicy affair with a 15,000 starting stack and no running antes - though 200 crazy Irishmen should still make for plenty of action.

When I get back, I plan to get excited about this film:

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