No fun in the sun for me

Many people think that giving up the 9-5 grind and making a living in the world of poker means that glorious days like this are to be revelled in. After all I can go to bed late, sleep in and take a walk in the park next to my apartments if I want to when the rest of the world is clockwatching at work.


Every day you are not making money seems like a wasted day, so this morning (after a visit and a cuppa at my Dads)when the sun started shining I was sat playing SNGs til noon. I am now sat indoors gearing up to start writing something.....anything, with the noise of children playing in the park and the knowledge that I have spoken to a grand total of 4 people today - which is something of a working from home record.

The next few days will be a lot more social for me, though still probably exempt from the sunlight, as I head to Ireland for the Green Joker Poker Festival. It promises to be a juicy affair with a 15,000 starting stack and no running antes - though 200 crazy Irishmen should still make for plenty of action.

When I get back, I plan to get excited about this film:


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