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You can now buy The Mental Game of Poker on a number of AudioBook formats.

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A lot of people had asked about whether we would do it, and I must admit I was surprised there would be a demand for it, but early sales suggest that this is a big demand for audio poker books. We actually already are at the top of most "poker" searches at these sites. I think now it is really easy to download and listen to an audio book on your phone, which is probably why it has got off to such a promising early start.

Because 98% of the book was written in Jared's voice, my own narration in it is literally about 10 minutes long, I'm very glad I didn't have to slog away for a month like Jared did to get this finished.

New York/Married

Last week I got married in New York to my long term partner Gina. I am clearly a thrift king, as I managed to turn the week into a wedding, a holiday, and a chance to meet up with my old buddy Jared Tendler (Who was also my best man) all in one. It was probably the best week I've ever had, and I certainly hope to go again. 

It sounds flippant, and I certainly don't mean it to be, but New York did not surprise me at all. It is so iconic on film and TV that the whole place is strangely familiar from the moment you arrive. This predictability is by no means a bad thing, because every one of my expectations were very positive, and they were all met. 

Maybe the biggest take away from this, one which I have also encountered in Vegas, is just how good American customer service is. This is purely because tips make up such a big part of the wages out there, and it really does show. You really do feel like your waiter is desperate for you to have the best time ever, which made the whole holiday so much better. I am a big fan of incentivising employees like this, and think it is a sure fire way of improving quality of service. I love the UK, I think it is one of the best places to live in the world, but I think this is one area where we can learn a great deal from our cousins over the pond. 

Originally our plan was to get married in Central Park, but we picked the one day it went and rained of the whole trip. New York customer service to the rescue, as the manager of our hotel let us have the ceremony in the Casablanca Hotel. It's a fantastic hotel with a pretty unique decor, and I think it actually made it a little bit more special. After the service we went out into Time Square as husband and wife, with a photographer, and had one of the most fun, manic, 30 minutes ever. Time Square is one of the craziest places in the world, so throwing a Bride and Groom into the mix seemed to fit. Everyone was shouting messages of congratulations at us, and it was the icing on the cake of an amazing day. 

Outside of the wedding, we did plenty of cool things. We went to a Yankees game and despite being 7,000 miles from home, managed to bump into Dusk Till Dawn director Simon Trumper with his daughter. The poker world is very small indeed. 

Maybe my favourite (Non wedding) part of the week was The Book of Morman, a Broadway musical written by the guys from South Park. It was as immature, offensives, and as funny as South Park can get and really fit well with the musical format. I've been to tons of comedy clubs before, but I have never heard roaring laughter as loud as I did that night. We also went to the Comedy Cellar, the club from my current favourite show Louie, and that was pretty cool too. 

There really is too much to say about it all, I could never do it justice to how good a wedding and honeymoon it was. It is the longest I've had off work in probably a decade and I do feel much better for it. I don't feel different yet being married, other than getting used to this new chunk of metal on my finger, but I do feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm towards my work and the future in general(Which in some part, will be from the relief it is all over).

Photo Dump:

Still don't understand it, but had fun at the yankees
Jared, myself, and Matt Kaufman
Anyone over the age of 26 knows what this is
Top of the Rockafella centre
The Book of Morman
The Seinfeld cafe
An artsy shot from our photographer
Me, Gina, Corey (The future Mrs Tendler), and Jared

Getting Married Next Week In New York

I hate posting when its been over a month since the last post.

The reason has been I have been really busy. Things are going great at PokerStrategy.com and they really have been keeping me busy with lots of fun stuff. It's certainly the most interesting job I've ever had and I am learning so much working alongside so many talented people.

The other reason for the low productivity with the blog is because I get married next week, and as you can imagine, planning for that is taking up all my time. I'm super excited, I can't remember ever looking forward to something as much as this. It's a win-win-win because not only do I get married, I also get to have the holiday of a lifetime, and my old mate Jared Tendler is going to be doing the best man duties.

Two weeks off in total, which is the longest I have had off ever since I started working in poker. I can pretty much guarantee that means that Stars will buy Full Tilt in that time, or some other major news scandal, which I will miss out on reporting on.

The journey starts on Saturday and I am praying that my beloved Sheffield Wednesday get the ball rolling for an amazing summer by winning against Wycombe and securing a place in the Championship. If they don't, at least I will be on the other side of the world before my Sheffield United mates give me stick.

So hopefully the next blog post will be a round-up of how awesome New York is.

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