Mental Game of Poker on AudioBook

You can now buy The Mental Game of Poker on a number of AudioBook formats.

Audible.com – Amazon.com – iTunes
Audible.co.uk - Amazon.co.uk

A lot of people had asked about whether we would do it, and I must admit I was surprised there would be a demand for it, but early sales suggest that this is a big demand for audio poker books. We actually already are at the top of most "poker" searches at these sites. I think now it is really easy to download and listen to an audio book on your phone, which is probably why it has got off to such a promising early start.

Because 98% of the book was written in Jared's voice, my own narration in it is literally about 10 minutes long, I'm very glad I didn't have to slog away for a month like Jared did to get this finished.


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