Getting Married Next Week In New York

I hate posting when its been over a month since the last post.

The reason has been I have been really busy. Things are going great at PokerStrategy.com and they really have been keeping me busy with lots of fun stuff. It's certainly the most interesting job I've ever had and I am learning so much working alongside so many talented people.

The other reason for the low productivity with the blog is because I get married next week, and as you can imagine, planning for that is taking up all my time. I'm super excited, I can't remember ever looking forward to something as much as this. It's a win-win-win because not only do I get married, I also get to have the holiday of a lifetime, and my old mate Jared Tendler is going to be doing the best man duties.

Two weeks off in total, which is the longest I have had off ever since I started working in poker. I can pretty much guarantee that means that Stars will buy Full Tilt in that time, or some other major news scandal, which I will miss out on reporting on.

The journey starts on Saturday and I am praying that my beloved Sheffield Wednesday get the ball rolling for an amazing summer by winning against Wycombe and securing a place in the Championship. If they don't, at least I will be on the other side of the world before my Sheffield United mates give me stick.

So hopefully the next blog post will be a round-up of how awesome New York is.


Bill said...

Congrats, Barry!

James Atkin said...

Awesomeness, congrats mate!

Kris Holt said...

Long time follower of your poker blog and writing - congratulations on your marriage and enjoy the time off!

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