About Me

Back when I started in 2005 the profession of poker writer didn't really exist, so I guess I invented my job at the time. I started my career freelancing for a number of print magazines and then moved over to a fledgling new poker site called PokerNews in 2006. I was the editor of the UK site as well as the chief copywriter for all the PokerNews sites. 

In 2011, for no other reason than I wanted a new challenge, I moved from PokerNews to PokerStrategy.com as a news editor and haven't looked back since. I am very lucky in that I have worked for the two best affiliate sites in the poker industry, and I hope to stay at PokerStrategy.com for an incredibly long time. 

During this time I have pretty much done everything a poker media professional could possibly do including magazine work, newspaper reporting, live tournament reporting, live twitter reporting, player interviews, TV production, PR, private consulting, podcast hosting, social media consulting, TV commentary, TV appearances, judging at poker awards, and I have even been sponsored to play (lol). 

But the most meaningful thing I have done so far in this industry is co-authoring The Mental Game of Poker with Jared Tendler. It has been really well received and we are currently working on the sequel (It was always going to be two books). 

Although I don't consider myself to be the best writer in the world, I do think I have an incredibly broad range of experience across the poker industry. In particular I have been involved with pretty much everything to do with the poker media. Therefore I have decided to turn this blog into primarily a resource for my own musings about the poker media industry, as I believe that is where I can add the most value. 

And now and then I'll be using it to spam my book, or post pictures of my dog. 


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