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For maybe the last three years, not a week has gone by without somebody asking me for advice relating to the world of poker media. Often this is from new poker writers wanting to know how to find work in the poker industry or critique their work. A lot of the time poker rooms/events/businesses looking to get more exposure or help with a poker press release. I have helped a few players get sponsorship, been on a few judging panels, and sometimes it is as simple as folks asking me to retweet a tweet of theirs. 

I always try my best to help them, for a number of reasons. Mainly because I like being helpful, and probably, being liked. I also love to network, and figure that some of these guys will be leaders of industry one day when I need work myself. However, I am pretty busy these days, and finding it harder to answer all the emails I get. 

So I am going to start using my blog to document some of the main things I get asked advice on, as well as maybe focusing on the business of poker side journalism a little more.

Get Your Poker Press Release Noticed
What most poker marketing people get wrong.
How Do Poker Media Websites Make Money?
The main revenue models of poker news websites and the like. 
Poker Marketing on a Budget
Advice I have given to people looking to promote poker products with little marketing money.
The State of the Poker Book Industry
What I have learned from self publishing a poker book. 
The State of Print Magazines in Poker
How the print industry has changed, from a freelancers perspective.  
The Lederer Files from a Poker Media Perspective
My critique of the most important interview in poker.
Advice to New Poker Writers Part 1: The State of the Industry
Part 1 of my series on the advice I give to new poker writers. 
Advice to New Poker Writers Part 2: Don't Wait to be Asked
Part 2 in the series, where I share perhaps the single most important piece of advice. 
Why starting a blog is a perfect way to start a career as a poker writer.
Where to go looking for potential contracts
Who to follow and where to look for news
Who to meet, where to meet, how to meet.
Software, apps, and gear I use every day for my job.
Guest Post from Matthew Pitt: Do you know your SEO from your Elbow?
Advice from an SEO expert working in the poker media.
Linking To Rival Poker Media Sites
Should we be linking to our rivals?
Do You Really Want to Work in the Poker Industry?
A pre Black Friday feature on working in poker.

2011 WSOP - Year of the Tweet
How twitter is taking over poker media.

What do you want from tournament reporting?
Are we doing it right?

Aggregated Poker News Articles
A new format news article that achieves a lot in a short space.


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