Advice to New Poker Writers Part 5: Where to find stuff to write about

Of all the blogs I have written in this series, I am the most reluctant about giving advice on where to find things to write about. Simply because I feel that if you don't know where to look, or what to write, you really should question why you want to be a poker writer. It's an old cliche, but if poker is not the thing you can't not write about, then maybe you should be writing about something else. 

But I get asked it a lot, so here is my advice anyway. Just like in the last blog, I am going to try and avoid mentioning specific websites/topics because poker changes so quickly, much better to give a broad overview that can be used for a long time, no matter how the poker media changes. 

First of all, get the news sent to you, that makes it so much easier. I have a number of google alerts set up for keywords, the most obvious one of course being 'poker' but you should also try and single out some terms for your own particular interests, like 'poker legislation' or 'poker tournament'. You get any published news article on these subjects emailed right to you when they go live, so no excuse for not being in the loop.

Likewise, make sure to sign up to all the main poker press release sources. Contact all the major poker rooms and organisations press departments to be asked to be put on their mailing lists, as well as any major poker PR companies. Lyceum Media and Poker Media Consulting spring to mind. 

Next, seek out and compile all the major sources of poker news and information out there and aggregate them in some way. Google reader does this, I personally just have them all saved to my favourites in google chrome, and I am sure there are tons of other services out there. The best sources to look at are popular poker forums (2+2 obv), the main news sites, and the blogs of major poker rooms and players. Last time I checked, pokercurious.com has some pretty decent link lists for this kind of thing, but they have not been updated in a while. 

The single most important thing in poker media today in this regard is to get twitter savvy. You will not find news faster than on twitter, nor will you find a better way of gauging the poker communities views on something, and finally it is a great way of getting in contact with people. If you are not converted to twitter by now, I won't be giving you a lesson here, but urge you to take some time out and learn how to use it effectively. Search for both basic twitter help, and 'twitter for journalists'.

If you are one of the converted, first of all follow @KevMath.(But you probably did anyway)

Done that, lesson two, follow me @barry_carter. (Shame on you if you didn't)

Kev does it thousands of times better than me but between us we tend to tweet all the major goings-on in poker. Follow any account of interest that we tweet, follow the twitter accounts of all the interesting poker players, poker rooms, and poker news resources. This really is where the poker media world is talking, including just about all your fellow poker writers, so if you are not tweeting, you are going to be left way behind. 

Historically, interviews have always been a welcome and profitable way to make money for a poker writer, so this is a great place to go looking for content. Most players and public figures in poker have a twitter account, facebook page, or personal website, so it easy to contact them. In fact, there has never been an easier time to get in contact with anyone, and most poker people are happy to do interviews. Interviews are also a great way to get networking.....more on that in the next blog. 

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Why starting a blog is a perfect way to start a career as a poker writer.

Why starting a blog is a perfect way to start a career as a poker writer.


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