Mobile Poker and Player Notes: One is a game changer, one isn't.

It's a big day for online poker in my opinion, with the launch of a PokerStars mobile client that uses the dotcom liquidity. Yes, this is not the first mobile poker client, not even the first for Stars, but it is so impressive, and uses the biggest player base in poker, that I think this could be a huge deal.

Not to be outdone, Bodog apparently have shaken up the online poker industry today with a revolutionary new addition......player notes.

Yes you read it right. In a joke of an announcement on CalvinAyre.com, they are actually trying to make out their player note facility is a 'game changer'. The best (and by best, I mean, worst) thing about these notes is that they do not even transfer to the next game - as Bodog has recently made the move to 100% anonymous tables.

Unlike many of my peers, I don't hate this new model by Bodog, I think all anonymous tables is a well intended idea if nothing else. But to make a song and dance about such a mundane poker feature from a decade ago, especially when you are in fact, pointing out its limitations compared to every other poker room, (Whose notes do transfer over to the next day) makes me question what the hell is going on over at Bodog. It is just, well, bizarre.

It only seems fitting that they chose the day PokerStars brought out such a promising change to the landscape of online poker, to announce such a non event like this.



Ian Harris said...

I spat out my tea when I read the Bodog announcement too.

jamesnichole1 said...


Wow.......mobile poker.
now it is going to be very interesting, we can find just on a click....

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