Kara Scott Interview

kara scott
Kara Scott
This week on the PokerStrategy.com Podcast, among the usual chitter chatter between Matt and myself, I interviewed Kara Scott, who I was judging with at the European Poker Awards in Paris.

Apologies for the sound quality, it was done on my iphone in a cafe in Paris, and I wasn't prepared for the clinky noises of cups and spoons, though Matt did a good job of editing it out for the most part.

Kara, alongside Jesse May whom I interviewed the previous week, are two of my favourite broadcasters in poker (Also big fan of Tikay, Hartigan, and Orford). I have interviewed them both before, but never in this format before and I was pretty intimidated at the start of each interview, when I realised interviewing live, the people who interview people live, if that makes sense.

Anyway, just like Jesse, she cuts a great interview, despite my wobbly introduction.


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