Im a proper radio bloke me

Long time no post eh? Laziness mainly, also my girlfriend has been pretty ill but I am pleased to say she is slowly on the mend and thankfully just in time for us to really enjoy Christmas (Thanks btw to those who gave get well messages) so I havent really played much in November, but we'll make up for that in December.

I've got more appearances on Sky Poker lined up and rather excitingly (for me) Im going to be dipping my toes and having a crack at poker podcasting. I love the 2+2 and Pokerroad podcasts and now a fully fledged UK poker radio station launches tommorow and it looks great, so I'll be making a few 'pilots' (thats a telly word that is) to see if I really do have the soothing voice that this gay turkish bloke said I once had at my old job. Radio probably suits me a tad more than TV, I have the face for it a bit more.

Three big tournaments coming up this week, Luton, DTD and the GCBPT - Ive been mulling over all three for ages and I have decided I am going to go the easy route and go to DTD. I have an other engagement that means Bristol was off the menu and the big value advantage of playing at DTD is that 70 odd GUKPT champions will be in Luton the same day.

It certainly would be nice to finish the year off by not making it a year I didnt cash in a live donkament.

Im a proper telly bloke me

Not that much Pokery stuff to report at the moment, my missus has been ill for over a week which has took up plenty of my time (because Im a good boyfriend) and I havent been playing that much. At this juncture I would like to thank Tracey 'Dingdell' Dell from the Blondepoker forum for some nutritional advice she has given us to get her better, which she did free of charge (its her field of work) and was much appreciated.

I did shoot back down to Feltham this week for another appearance on The Club for Sky Poker. It went pretty well, I was there for Pokernews talking about the WSOP main event results, you can see it tonight at 8.30pm and repeated a few times after. At one point I started talking and this voice came into my head "you dont know how you are going to finish this sentance" and somehow I managed to warble my way through whatever question it was, the rest went fine I think.

It was an odd day, it took me nearly four hours in the car to get there (Delays on the road + rush hour) and I was on the show almost as soon as I arrive, so I was there for less than half an hour before I was back on the road for another 3 and a half hour journey. It felt like being a delivery driver or something, which I dont mind as I like driving on the motorway and listening to music (Except when I managed to get on the road for Tim Westwoods slot).

I do really like getting my mug on TV, even if I hate watching it back and spend most of the show thinking to myself "my god you look awful". The fact that I feel comfortable getting make-up does make me feel like a big shot even if I do drive to and from the studio in my milk float of a granny wagon car.

So hopefully the missus will be better soon, I think she is slowly on the mend, and I can start playing a bit more (Although she might have saved me a nasty losing week for all I know).
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