Belated, Half Arsed and Rushed Big Game Report

Rather embarrassingly I have a really interesting and hectic time at the PartyPoker Big Game last month and don’t write a word about it. It was partially because Jared and Dusty got stranded in the UK for an extra week which put things back writing wise, followed by a really nasty week of food poisoning my end. The cliffnotes of the last few weeks were:

Meeting Jared was fantastic and we picked up exactly where we left off online. Although from different parts of the world doing different jobs, we clearly have a very similar sense of humour and general outlook on life and we had a blast. I also got to introduce Jared to Mad Marty Wilson which was one hell of a night, what was supposed to be a quick drink at 9pm went on till 4am as Marty told us his entire back catalogue of stories. We also spent the night with Robert Williamson III who was a really nice guy, exactly like he is on TV in fact.

Dusty Schmidt – spoke to him a few times before and thought he was an ok guy, but with all the haters he has on 2+2 I was still expecting a bit of a knob, I was wrong. Dusty is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and really laid back, I have no idea why he gets so much heat on the poker forums. It was also fascinating to hear him talk poker, he did a full 24 hours in the commentary booth and I feel like I learned a lot from some of our chats. Even though his time playing the Big Game was probably a huge disappointment, I think he will be one of the memorable points of the show because his commentary was brilliant. 

The funny and scary part of the week for me was opening up my Betfair account to see £354,000 sitting in front of me. One of the high stakes players at the game used my laptop to check their emails and logged into Betfair and forgot to log out. I am pleased to say I didn’t touch the money or even consider it, but it took me 20 minutes to press log out, I was hypnotised by the money.  Me and the missus are trying to buy a house right now, I could have chip dumped us a really nice one and had some change left over.

Not mentioning the name of the player because he is a sponsored pro and I don't wanna make me look like a twonk in the public eye, especially as he was kind enough to loan me £350,000. 

Finally everything is back to normal and we are in the final furlong for the book. I will be updating the blog much more now because obviously I will have something to promote very soon. Amazingly this week will be my first live pokerz of 2010 at the UKIPT at Dusk Till Dawn. I was all set to play the main event but didn’t realise it’s my 5 year anniversary this weekend, so will be playing all the sides instead.

So there you go, probably had the most interesting month work wise in a few years and I’ve said nothing about it. I’m ashamed to call myself a writer..
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