1,000 International Stadiums Poker Tour Seats Guaranteed

Today I announced a Blogger Freeroll for Dusk Till Dawn and the International Stadiums Poker Tour. The details are below, I thought however I would explain briefly the background.

I literally thought Blogger Freerolls were very underused in the poker media. I am amazed nobody else has done a big one after the success of the PokerStars World Blogger Championships, which is a brilliant way to get lots of free links from perfectly matched poker blogs.

I’m not actually working for or being paid in anyway by the ISPT or Dusk Till Dawn. I just suggested it to Rob Yong after I met him a couple of weeks ago for an interview, and I want to support the event, so I’ve just helped them with some of the background stuff for it. I’m doing this as a free favour because Dusk Till Dawn is the best cardroom in the world and has done so much for the industry I work in, I really did not want to be paid for it. I also have been super critical of the previous incarnation of the event, something which I still stand by every word of, but since DTD have got involved it has been very much the same as when PokerStars rescued Full Tilt for me.

 1,000 International Stadiums Poker Tour Seats Guaranteed

The International Stadiums Poker Tour is your chance to say you played at Wembley. €1 million is guaranteed to the winner. Day ones start live and online from May 11th and day two takes place at the iconic home of English football, Wembley Stadium, between May 31st and June 5th.

You can qualify for free at Dusk Till Dawn Poker, where 1,000 €300 Day One seats will be guaranteed in satellites between May 6th and May 24th.

To win your seat, all you have to do is:

1. Visit the International Stadiums Poker Tour Schedule Page for details on qualifying.

2. Register an account at Dusk Till Dawn Poker, where you will be automatically credited with a €2 satellite token.

3. If you win a €300 day one seat you can use it online or live in one of 10 day ones being held. You can win multiple tickets as this is a re-entry event.

Good luck and see you at Wembley!

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