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My kingdom for a universal plug adapter. Yes, Vegas is just round the corner and I've pretty much switched off until I get off the plane. I really cant wait, even though I don't think I'll be playing that much, because I'm going to see so many mates out there and I have got a ton of writing work when I'm out there. Its typical, I finally start putting together some good results at the tables and I'm about to pause that to some extent by doing loads of travel, writing and networking (hate that word).

I have started a second blog, which is more of a side project that might end up getting deleted in a few months. Its called Poker Punt and its all about prop bets, side action and betting on poker events. I think its about to get huge (betting on poker, not the blog) after the WSOP because there is going to be three months of betting on the final table, betting which will surely change a lot as more is learnt about the final table and the presumed 'coaches' they are all going to get. I wish I'd thought of the blog before the WSOP started, but hey-ho.

Betting on poker is something I've always done quite well in. but its mainly because I'm a prop bet fan more than anything. Erick Lindgren is my hero after his Golf bet last year - its funny, I never bet on sports but I'm more than happy to have a flutter when someone is prepared to do something really stupid for money (My favourite is a semi regular bet I get going on what the first letter of the first word that someone will say when they walk in a room......go for W and wait for them to say "What?" when you all stare at them like madmen).

That said, I do seem to have an eye for a winner in poker. I won money last year on Phil Hellmuth snagging his 11th bracelet, on Roland De Wolfe making the Irish Open Final Table and on Annette Obrestad and John Tabatabai making the WSOPE final. I also lost money on Gus Hansen making the WSOP ME final, but still think that was a good bet because he nearly did.

This year is going well, I got 4:1 on David Benyamine winning a bracelet and am doing well in a number of last longers in the HORSE (I have Barry Greenstein, currently 3rd in chips, ship it!) and the series as a whole. I also got 4:1 on an Englishman making the final of the Norwegian Poker Championships from a drunk Scandie, which Ian Frazer did and bless him, the young man I bet with tracked me down online and shipped it via Neteller when he got back to Norway.

Anyone wanna give me 2:1 that I'll have deleted the blog by November? Linkage here http://pokerpunt.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Barry you ever thought about your own site now rather then using blogging. I'd do you a nice Drupal site for a percentage of site.

Mr Cea said...

yes site would be great idea ma man

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