Euro 2008 and the WSOP (Because I've not been doing much myself)

With the exception of my weight loss bet, which touch wood is still going well, there isnt much going on at the moment. Poker is going a bit meh, made a good start after the holiday but had a very spewy week and I really need to step that up a gear. Havent been going out much, most of my writing has been bog standard stuff etc.

This has let me do my fair share of observing of things, however, for example Euro 2008. I really didn't think I would even be watching it being as most of our boys are probably sunbathing in Barbedos or spitroasting some unsuspecting groupie, but I've really enjoyed it. I'd been saying for weeks it was either Holland or Spain and not many of the lads listened, wish I had put some money on it really but I don't really bet on sports any more. Its been nice to see Italy, France and Germany get a kick up the arse too. I really want Holland to win the whole thing and show the rest of the football world that all attack footy is the way to go. As long as France, Italy or Portugal dont win I wont mind.

I've also been following up the WSOP quite religiously before I fly out there myself at the end of the month. Its really been helped by the some four or five fantasy WSOP comps or side bets I have going. Thus far I think its been a good series for two reasons. First of all, the pros have really been out in force this year. Its great to see Matusow, Negreanu and Lindgren all snag gold as well as the fantasy final tables that have been popping up everywhere.

The second thing to my liking is that this could be the year of Vanessa Selbst. Just like Tom Schneider last year, Jeff Madsen the year before and Phil Ivey a few years ago - there is always one player who stands out in the series for catapulting onto the World stage. As I write, Selbst is two heads up matches away from back to back bracelets and I would fancy to have another good run in another big event this year. The fact that she is a woman is great for poker and the WSOP in general, just like Annette at the WSOPE. For all the detractors that poker has to deal with, one cannot deny its about as level a playing field as any competative environment can get. Selbst is also an instructor on the excellent Deucescracked website and for me one of the better instructors.

The low point is of course the distinct lack of gold for the UK. I don't know James Akenhead at all but even I wanted to give him a hug after the gut wrencher of a bad beat he took. Good to see Roland make a final table, mainly because he is in one of my dreamteams, but the time is starting to run out and although you usually see Brits at the top of the chip counts, I cant help but think its because Snoopy is just updated the fellas we know about.

Oh well, back to the diet I guess. I turned down free gateux, pizza, cookies and crisps this week as well as adding another kilometre to my twice weekly run, so hopefully wont look too American by the time I fly out there.


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