The weigh in: Number 2

Another week, another 2lbs lost which is pretty much the target for each and every week, I’m now 15st 8 1/4lbs, so just another 2 stone to go to get back to my fighting weight. Actually that really sounds like a lot; best hit that gym even harder. I fly out to Vegas on the 1st so lots of things to avoid there as far as the diet goes (More than anything, I’d like to have a year where I am not throwing up on foreign soil, as Germany and Australia faced my chunks last year after poker pissups).

Poker was going crappy but just had two great days at the heads up tables on Full Tilt, I was having a break even month until this morning, where I bumped into a player that played that great style of poker ie. he would bet when he has nothing and check when he hits the flop. 8 buy-ins later and he is still reloading and giving me a good return for the month. Bless him, 8 buy-ins down and I flop a set of jacks against his set of eights, I’ve been there my friend.

Good luck to Nick (Din01980) Wright this weekend at the GBPT, whom I have 10% in and congrats to my Pokernews gaffa Paul Sandells who has just become a father for the second time.


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