The weigh in: Number 1

Well I have gone from 15st 13 3/4 lbs to 15st 10 1/4 lbs after my first weekly weigh in of the prop bet proper. 3 and a half pounds in one week is way ahead of schedule, but at the same time nothing to go crazy about as most people shed the most weight in week one. Either way its good news and testament to what has been a real effort this week, both at the gym and at the dinner table.

Its been mainly weight lifting and running that I've been doing. Back in the glory days I was pretty strong and ran a few marathons, I'm nowhere near that but I'd say I'm a lot better than your average fatty in these departments at the moment. I've all but stopped snacking at night and when I do snack its fruit (except for over the weekend when it was my mums birthday cake) - whether I keep this up, particularly in Vegas in a few weeks, is the real question.


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