The weigh in: Number 3

I wonder how long I'll keep up these weigh-in posts (Prob until I start putting on weight)?

15st 7, so another pound loss. Not that dissapointed that it wasnt more because I did get pissed on Saturday and didnt go to the gym as much. With Vegas only a week away I am now living like a monk to counterbalance whatever abuse my body takes (in my case, booze or buffet)while out there.

Quite excitingly, for me, is a special tournament on VC Poker coming up in a month or so. Its called 'Get Carter' and its a money added, bounty tournament with 5 $100 bounties on my head (its a rebuy). Should be all sorted in a few days and scheduled for August. I'll have my own launch page on the website with a special 300% bonus for anyone that signs up - I'll spam it properly when I have more details.

Roll on Vegas, Im really bored at the mo because I just wanna get that 16 hour flight out of the way and cant think far past it.


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