I'm a lucky chuff me

My Hold’em Manager broke a few days ago and it’s amazing how reliant I became on my popup HUD for that thing. I’ve been playing a lot of heads up cash lately and losing my HUD is probably done me a real favour, because I’m playing a lot better, a lot more observant, than usual. The heads up cash games on Full Tilt are a bit of a goldmine, don’t get me wrong, there are some very tough opponents to avoid but you can make a killing by just sitting with the players that don’t buy in for full and clearing their bankroll.

Most of the players that buy-in for $188.43 on a $2/$4 table or $120 on a $3/$6 table have no idea what they are doing and either taking a shot or gambling with the remains of the bankroll. It really is like shooting fish in a barrel and all you have to do is wait for something that closely resembles top pair and wait for them to give you their money.

Another great value game I’ve found, also on Tilt, is the $75 45 man SNGs, they tried to run some higher stakes, multi table SNGs on Stars a few times but it seems that a slightly smaller buy-in of $75 makes them fill up quick. The first prize is $1200 and the standard is awful, truly awful – I’ve seen players call off their entire stack on the river with a counterfeighted pair of fours, fold to min bets on AKQTJ rainbow boards and say “nice kicker” and so on. My tournament game is close to non existent at the moment and I think I’ll play a few of these to try and get my MTT boots running again.

If you have seen this month’s issue of WPT Poker magazine you’ll see my articles which have my picture and underneath it says ‘Barry Carter is sponsored by Littlewoods Poker’ – which I can confirm I am not. It was just an error at their end, thought I best get that in for the good folks at VC Poker.

Speaking of poker rooms other than my sponsors, I’m off to the World Series at the end of the month in an all expenses fancy tripI, courtesy of the good folks at Ladbrokes. They have lots of fun media stuff and I’ve got my writing hat on while I’m out there, but what a stroke of luck eh? Right now I feel like the luckiest sod in the world. Obviously I plan on playing plenty of cash, in fact I think PLO is the best value game I can play in the States, those guys can’t fold top pair. I also might have a crack at the MTTs at the Venetian and the Bellagio.


Simon Young said...

so you're sponsored by VC but Laddies are taking you to Vegas?????

Barry Carter said...


Barry the player is sponsored by VC

Barry the writer is going to Vegas with Ladbrokes.

Simon Young said...

ah, ok ;-)

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