Fatty Fatty Bet Bet

I really want to get this weight loss/poker prop going as soon as possible after weighing myself for the first time in ages the other day. Nearly pushing 16 stone, which I was pretty suprised about but probably does explain why a few of my jeans feel tight and the oversized VC Poker shirt I got sent a few months ago all of a sudden fits very well. I've actually turned a bit of a corner at the gym, so the sooner the better (cos I dont wanna lose weigh before the initial weigh in).

So the WSOP is well under way and I'm closing in on the details on my own journey out there this year. Keeping the weight off in the city of sin will be a challenge, so maybe I'd be better off doing the weigh in right after.

Naturally the prop bets are coming thick and fast now that its gambling season. Besides the above weight loss bet, I've also got some weird ass draft pick bet with Nick Wright (ex of WPT mag, now of PokerPlayer mag) where we select 6 big game players for the WSOP each and pay out on their results. If one or two of our ponies went on a heater this year one of us could end up oweing the other several hundred thousands, but probably more likely being £50 assuming the unknown players have their way this year. I've also got $100 on Amatay (Dunno his actual name, see his blog link on the right) not winning $10,000 or more in one month in $33 SNGs in July (Kinda routing for him though).

Its all good fun, out with friends for a curry tonight so that should be a spanner in the works for the diet.


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