Lose Pounds and Win Dollars Prop Bet

It might not be in the realms of Erick Lindgren winning $340,000 for shooting under 100 with no caddy 4 times in on day, but I have a little prop bet in the pipeline. My friend and poker mentor Stuart Menzies (Better known as Baloo on the Hendon Mob forums) are putting together a poker and weight loss prop. I think he is looking to shift about 3 stone, I'd like to drop about 2. Stuart has been my mentor for a while now pokerwise and if it wasnt for him, I might have gone exceptionally broke during last months downswing, so I actually want him to do well in the prop - but that aside, he is still going down.

So its going to be a long haul thing, June to Xmas, and the loser and their Mrs are going to take the winner and their Mrs on a short break, somewhere like Barcelona. We are still ironing out the details, with some sort of handicapping process. Like % of body fat rather than number of pounds and a handicapped poker target too (As he is a better player than me)

So it might go like. Task 1) Person who loses the biggest % of bodyfat
Task 2) Person that has the biggest poker roi over the next 6 months. Suggestions welcome, stipluations need to be made. For example, I reckon Stu will win more in cash games than me this year but I play more tournaments, I could get lucky with a big score and leapfrog him just for winning a few coinflips.

So expect plenty of updates and hopefully not many pics of me, shirtless, holding a copy of todays newspaper. If anyone has any suggestions to make it interesting, drop me a line.

In other news, had my first proper grown up tax return sent back today. Typically done by a poker player, Paul 'M3Boy' Garnham. I made a right saving and would recommend him to all, here is his none accountancy website : http://www.m3boypoker.com/


Anonymous said...

I like idea of a handicapped headsup match based on the results of the bets. So you both start with 50,000 chips and you lose 1,000 for every 1% of body fat he sheds ahead of you and 500 or so for each buyin ahead of you he ends the year online.

That way the bet stays in play for the whole year and its not like your out of it if he gets 5% or ten buy-ins ahead of you.

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