I Quit.....

.....for a bit.

Words can not express how bad I'm running at the moment (Actually they can, the word is very) - after not being able to make aces or kings stand up last month, I now cant actually make top set stand up either - having lost with it 6 times already in the last 3 days. The single worst hand was a 200 big blind deep spot with a set of sixes against a set of sevens.

Its not particularly idiots being rewarded for stupidity either (Which I would prefer) but people who played their hands fine - big draws, overpairs etc. So even though I dont believe that one person is naturally lucky or unlucky and everything evens out in the long run (This has been 30,000 hands, which is pretty long term I guess) I think the best thing I can do right now is have a big old break. Thankfully I am a bankroll nit, always play very comfortably within my limits, so I still have a nice big bankroll to play with when I return.

Im off on holiday next week, so that has come at a perfect time for me to take my mind off it, plus the weather is great at the moment. I've just joined a new gym which is also good as it gives me something to work hard at instead. I also am lucky that I have so much writing work available on offer that I can commit to even more of it (So I'm still never going to have a day where I dont say poker).

Hopefully a break will make the poker gods pull the 'begginers luck' switch when I get back.


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