I'm back from Amsterdam and feeling very refreshed, it was my first proper holiday with my girlfriend and it went really well (I am basing this on the fact that most of the couples I know have at least one big row on every holiday they go on and, we didnt). Amsterdam is a funny but very nice place, not sure its the best place for a couple (For whom the prostitutes and in our case the drugs are wasted) but we both agreed it would be a great place to live.

The good - the weather was great, the hotel was nice, the city is beautiful, the people are friendly, there is plenty to see.

The bad - the Dutch offer nothing to international cuisine, the customer comes second, although reasonably priced there are random instances of extortion (I actually think it would be cheaper to have a prostitute and drugs holiday than a sight seeing holiday in amsterdam) and the cyclists are nutters.

Complete stupidity on both of our parts meant that we didnt take the battery charger to our camera, which means a distinct lack of piccies. Shame as it was an all round good holiday and I feel much better for it. I now might single out the Masters Classic in November for a rare big buy-in event as a result.

Still not sure whether I'm returning to playing just yet (Its been 11 days so far) I'm getting back into the gym in a big way at the moment (Just dusted off a big tub of protein shake) and I like the idea of focusing on something else, namely not being fat, so maybe I will ease into the poker gradually (Or maybe I'll get the shakes by about 2pm tommorow and go broke with the first flush draw I pick up).


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