Happy Days are here again

I wonder if poker would be such a fun game if the luck we encounter occurred exactly as the statistics say it should, so you literally win 3 times and lose once when you are a 75% in particular hand. After my god awful 6 weeks where aces, kings and sets were no good most of the time, I finally have turned the corner. It seems the two weeks off have done me the world of good and those big hands are holding and I've even been sucking out left right and centre. It sounds silly but I finally sucked out on aces today, last month I must have got QQ or KK in against KK or AA respectivley about twenty times and didnt catch a set once, which is actually pretty unlucky, so rivering a Queen tonight I felt was justified (though he didn't see it that way)

I started grinding at $1/$2 to get my confidence up a little and think I'll stick to that for a week or so, I'm already up about $2300 over the last three days after some relativley short sessions. I wanna build a bit of a buffer before I go back to $2/$4, $3/$6 and beyond. So the golden rule is to keep on playing right now, when things are going well don't change them all that much and keep doing them. My missus is away over the weekend so I'm gonna get plenty of hours in against the weekend warriors.


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