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I realised in the space of two days I genuinely ticked two things off a long running bucket list I made when I was about 20. I have always wanted to win a trophy, in anything (this was way before poker), and I got that last weekend on the Sky Poker Tour (albeit a '7th place' trophy, sigh). And I always wanted to write a book, and that finally arrived this week (Obviously I wrote it ages ago but didn't believe it until it arrived).

Now I just need to appear in a film, watch a boxing match at Madison Square Garden, and have a threesome and my list is complete.

Taking a leaf from Gary Vaynerchuk's book the Thank You Economy, I decided to go a little extra for one of the guys who had been a real advocate of the book. Jamie Mortimer has been really supportive about the book on twitter and his blog.

He was one of the first guys to buy the book, and I was amazed that not only does he work at my former workplace before poker, Aviva, and is engaged to a girl I worked with, he also sits next to my old house mate in the office. It is in my hometown of Sheffield and I thought the very least I could do was to hand deliver his copy as a thank you for his support (While he was at work, he didn't dress up to receive it....I think). Its nice to see Social Media in action like this.

Finally, if you are reading this today (Obviously you are reading it today, I mean 12/05/11) check out the EPT Madrid Live Stream on PokerNews. 

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MrJayOMG said...

Thanks for going to the trouble of bringing me the book, Barry. Really appreciate it.

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