Jared Tendler Session with Supernova Elite Chaser James Atkin : Laziness

I make fun of him most days because I am much bigger than him, but I honestly think James Atkin is one of the nicest, most interesting poker players I know. No pretense, really enthusiastic, a great Dad even though he looks 12, a surprisingly good rapper, and a sick player. I set him up a session with Jared Tendler to try and overcome motivational issues on his way to getting to SuperNova Elite - here it is.

James was on course for SuperNova Elite but Black Friday significantly killed the traffic in his bread and butter games.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

James is a pro SNG player and he has been doing some really interesting research and discussion on the recent PokerStars SNG changes, which are well worth a look if you are into SNGs.

We have lots more advice about poker motivation in The Mental Game of Poker. 


James "epitomised" Atkin said...

Tyvm for the nice comments mate :)

Although I think I look a minimum of 14

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