Five Thirds of a Review of The Mental Game of Poker

One of the things we say very early in The Mental Game of Poker is not to form too quick an opinion of the book, and to re-read certain sections multiple times. This is not so much a defensive strategy from us, simply because some of the material is radically different to what every other poker book out there suggests, so it may take some getting used to.

So I don’t really know what to make of the following five reviews of the book, which have all been written by people who felt compelled to write about the book while they are only about one third of the way through each (so we have 1 and 2/3s of a review currently from them). Thankfully all the reviews are very positive and I think we can take it as a complement that so many people felt so compelled to discuss the book early.

There are loads more reviews coming through, but I just thought it was interesting that so many people have taken to reviewing it so prematurely.

Check out all three thirds of The Mental Game of Poker. 


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