Mental Game of Poker - Reviews & Article Link Dump

Pre-sale of The Mental Game of Poker went surprisingly well considering we chose to release the book at the worst time in the history of poker book publishing. One third of the sales were still from the US, which was a good sign, and also kind of a kick in the teeth too when you think of how much better it could have been.

Lots of reviews on their way from the likes of Dr Pauly, Jesse May, Bill Rini, Lee Davy, Bluff Europe, and Matthew Pitt. Until then, I have been keeping Jared busy as his Spin Doctor/Tea Boy. Here are some of his interviews/blog posts/articles/book reviews from the last week or two:

BlondePoker Review

Cardrunners Review

Betfair Blog Review (Not the actual review, Matthew Pitt got so excited he did a '55 pages in' review)

Black Friday Special Interview on Cash Plays Podcast

PokerNews Article on Black Friday Anxiety

How Jared Tendler Coached 8 Players to Supernova Elite

PartyPoker Article

"Should I Buy The Book?" Thread on TwoPlusTwo (We had nothing to do with this, but was really nice to see the response.

The Mental Game of Poker is now available to buy. If you have any questions about it at all, drop me a line.


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