Batman and Brighton

I'm still hurting from the stag weekend just gone. It was in Brighton and it was a very good laugh. The drinking and stuff was reasonably tame for a stag weekend, especially considering the Stag is one of the hardest drinkers I know, but the weekend as a whole was tough. It was scorching hot and on day 2 we went Go-Karting all day.

I did myself proud by coming 49th out of 50 over several races and somehow my mate Andy who came 50th managed to escape ridicule but I copped for the lot. I am still sore and bruised from all the crashes, I did my ankle some damage too and one of my ears I think has got blocked up/burst or something like that - it feels funny, put it that way.

Being the apparent Gay capital of the UK, you would think it would be easy to get a group of 20 guys in a pub in Brighton, but it wasn't. We were having to be very tactical and go in in groups, claim we were from different parts of the UK and hell, maybe even camp it up a bit at times. Meanwhile small armies of women dressed up as cowgirls and pink ladies where free to roam wherever they wanted.

Moaning about running bad seemed to do the trick and I am winning again (Doh, jinxed it) - really really table selecting well at the moment which is making all the difference.

Got back home from the new Batman flick last night. I thought all the suggestions that Heath Ledger should get an Oscar were simply out of sympathy because he is dead, but I have to say....give that man an Oscar. Best film of the year without doubt and Ledger was amazing, genuinely scary and I cant wait for Batman 3.


Kevin Stevens said...

Sorry have not got back to you barry, just moved house so no access to email plus all the hassle and family stuff. Should be back online middle of next week.

Cheers Kev

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