VC Poker Summer Cash Dash

Well VC Poker have got a very interesting bunch of rake races on at the moment, basically one a week for the next 7 weeks at 4 different levels. I’m going to make a real effort next week to win one or at least make the top ten. The added value is of course whatever place I come I get to clear a monthly $250 reload bonus as well as a cashback loyalty bonus (Not allowed to say Rakeback on iPoker so I won’t). So I reckon as long as I break even I’ll make about $1000 in bonuses for the week.

Dunno which race to join as I rarely play more than 4 tables so it will be a step into the unknown for me. The $0.50/$1 to $1/$2 obviously is easier on the bankroll, easier to play and doable in terms of loading up ten tables, but I reckon the $2/$4-$3/$6 will have less multi-tabling grinders and therefore more realistic, let’s hope I don’t hit a swing.

Bit of spam now, if you are going to have a crack at one of these iPoker rake races, drop me an email on daveshoelace@gmail.com, as I might be able to get you a bit of a special deal if you play a lot of hands/tables a month plus a big sign up bonus.


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