The weigh in: Number 5

I haven't posted my weigh in results for a bit because Vegas knocked my body clock out of whack, but its all good, another 2lbs lost I am now at 15st 4lb. Not quite losing weight at the standard 2lb a week but its going the right way down and most importantly I'm still not snacking at night, which was always my downfall, so looking at it long term its all promising.

Just had an awful awful week at the tables, it started with a serious run of bad beats and ended with just some downright awful play. My Hold'em manager database is now 100% destroyed and I am pretty clueless whether I am down or up for the month (Though the smart money is on down) so time to start a new db from scratch (Which aint a bad thing when one is losing). I'm buying a new desktop today so hopefully that completely irrelevant but still does something positive change to my usual set up will make a difference.

Doing loads of writing at the moment off the back of Vegas and on my betting blog, which I am enjoying very much. My picks to win the WSOP this year are Scott Montgomery and David Rheem this year which I shall highlight in more detail on the blog.


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