Coolered, Injured, Conchordes and Curries

Funny old few days in poker and life. Ive ran very very well in the last week or so and if I dont mind saying so, played very well too. Then this morning manage to shed 5 buy-ins in ten minutes in one stinker of a cooler session. I ran QQ into AA, QQ into KK, KK into AA, a set of twos into a set of fives and a 2nd nut flush with a straight flush redraw into the nut flush. Not much I really could have done about any of them but the fact they all happened in ten minutes sucked.....obviously I stopped playing at this point which sucked because I have new monitor I wanted to play with. But, ran like god leading up to today so no complaints.

Im also a bit of a walking disaster at the moment as I keep injuring myself. Im still bruised after go-karting last weekend, I then went and did something strange to my ear which blocked it up for a week but is ok now (touch wood) and then threw my shoulder out on the punch bag of the gym. All seem ok now (touch wood) but lets see what comes next eh?

On the flight back from Vegas I saw a show called Flight of the Conchords which is a New Zealand comedy set in New York and its one of the best things I've seen (other than Batman) in ages. Im posting this so I can officially say 'I liked them first' before they are brought to BBC Three or Paramount at some point in the next year. Here is a clip:

Ive been at the same weight for two weeks so I am setting a mini goal within a goal to lose 7lbs by the end of August (when its my birthday and I will be wanting a curry).


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