Get Carter: Money Added tournament this Thursday

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This week is Get Carter on VC Poker, a bounty tournament with a difference. Its a $20 rebuy event which not only has $1000 added to the prize pool but there are also five $100 bounties on my head if you are lucky enough to be sat at my table. This is a great value tournament because not only is there added money but because its on VC Poker only (and not other iPoker skins) the turnout will be a lot lower than your average money added bounty and thus, there will be a much better chance of being at my table during the rebuy period.

They do a similar bounty tournament with Ken Doherty and initially the numbers for that were very low so this makes it a really good value event to get in on now before it becomes more popular. It’s on Thursday 5th September at 20:30 BST.
For more information and a 300% ($600) bonus go to

The bonuses on VC Poker do clear faster than any other iPoker skin from what I understand and if you are interested I might be able to sort out a good loyalty deal with anyone who fancies moving their cash/sng game over to VC. I’m sure you will think I am biased, but the reason I went to VC way before I was a sponsored player was because they cashback/loyalty/reload bonuses were the most lucrative on the iPoker network and I think they still are.

Hopefully see people on Thursday, where I can finally get some cool use out of my surname.


Amatay said...

mmmm, i might play this if i remember.

Amatay said...

Cheers for reminding my mate. I gave you a little mention in my super ghey blog :-)

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