Sky Poker and World Records

Ive actually had the two most fun poker outings in nearly a year over the last three days. The Sky Poker UK Tour was a hoot and even though there seemed to be people chucking all their money in the middle on hand one with pocket eights at other tables, it was a real rock garden on ours. I did managed to make one lad check-fold pocket kings on a Q-2-2 flop to just one very small bet and also managed to make someone fold a full house when I had a straight (I cant beat a boat he said, even though he had one). Both seemed very keen not to bust early, as folks do when its their first live event.

The atmosphere was just great at DTD and you could tell a few of the people were very nervous and it was cute to see some of the ways folks were handling their chips. You should have seen the old fella on my right handle his chips when he found pocket kings. Im no Mike Caro but my ability to spot tells was through the roof on Saturday.

I even got the chance to take the piss out of Richard Orford briefly for his time on the now extinct 'Advert Channel' - a whole channel devoted to adverts which had one major flaw - it didnt have a single advert on it. Just a bunch of TV presenters saying 'do you remember the Smash advert? that was good with the monkeys, no wait, that was PG tips'.

Today I went to participate in the world record heads up attempt. Dave Cain is a legend and Im truly routing for the maniac, he is doing it on the Lincoln Uni campus and it was the start of freshers yesterday. I was expecting him to be a bit weird but he was a really nice bloke and I think he can do it. He played very well in our match despite having been up for 30 odd hours already so I think he clearly can run on fumes better than most.

Im on TV next month on the Club, the Sky Poker chat show, so Im expecting to shed a few pounds between now and then, as these things tend to motivate me.


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