New Party Software

Here's a Pokernews article I wrote today on the new party poker software. PartyPoker is the first place I ever played online poker and it felt a bit funny playing on this new software, but I like it. The best thing for me are the bet pot buttons, not because I use them (I never do) but because there are soooooo many players who use them without thinking. They'll use a 'bet half pot' button for when they have middle pair, 'bet 3/4 pot' when they have a top pair or better and a 'bet pot' when its a bluff. Obviously the good players don't do it but it certainly made iPoker more interesting to play lately and I might have to revisit an old friend called Party for the same reason.

In the same Pokernews post I managed to BOK Yuval Brohnstein completelty by backing him to win, I think he bust within a minute of me actually uploading the item too.

I'm taking a few days off the playing side of things because things have gone from bad to, well the same, not worse. I lost three times a row with Kings-Full to give you an idea of what I mean, but at the same time my poker coach has been pointing out to me plenty of hands that were NOT coolers and I just misplayed them, so Im gonna stop moaning. Either way a break is good.


Amatay said...

party is as soft as ever atm. i still use the classic version as im more comfortable with it.

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