Thank gawd for rakeback

Every time I moan on this blog about running bad it has a tendancy to reward me with a hot streak where I run like god for a few weeks, so here goes:

Im running a bit bad

Not that I'm losing money, far from it, thanks to some very good rakeback deals with the rooms I play on, I'm actually going to show a profit for the month despite it technically being a losing month so far. I genuinley think that one can make a living from poker by simply breaking even at $100nl or $200nl games (maybe $400nl, not much higher because the games are too tough to try and play break even only poker) and playing at high volume with a good deal. I know of a player on Full Tilt who makes about $8000 a month from rakeback at the $1/$2 tables and he is a winning player too. Some of the rakeback deals I have with some poker rooms are between 45-57% and I reckon I could earn a reasonable living from it if I could stand the hours.

Some of the deals are a bit hush hush, which is why I havent mentoned any specific poker rooms, send me an email if you wanna know more.

I'm on The Club on Sky Poker next wednesday to talk about Pokernews, who if you havent noticed, have kind of relaunched and I think are looking better for it. The new format makes it so much easier for me to write what I want and what I think people want to read, its a shorter snappier newsreader style that lets me be much more creative.


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