For One Night Only - Mental Game Coacing from Barry Carter

I got an interesting email this week from someone interested in The Mental Game of Poker. They actually asked if I would be interested in coaching them, much in the same way that Jared has coached hundreds of poker player’s one on one.

I was pretty flattered, but even though I know my writing buddy Jared can charge a pretty decent premium for what he does, I said no. Although I am more familiar with the material in The Mental Game of Poker than anyone but Jared himself, and have spent more than two years effectively shadowing him, I know enough to know I am still unqualified to coach someone.

Jared has a master’s degree in counselling psychology, a mental health counselling license, over 3600 hours of supervised counselling hours, and thousands more working with golfers and poker players. I on the other hand am some lucky donk who got to write a book with him, and I think it would be potentially be a bit of an insult to what he does to think I could do it so easily. There are actually a few of people who have set themselves up as mental game coaches who I think are equally unqualified as I am.

But Jared isn’t as cynical as I am, and he actually thought I should go for it, having a unique perspective of being from a poker background and working so closely with him. My official line is still no on that one, but we both did think it would be an interesting experiment to see just how well, or how poorly, I would get on if I tried my hand at mental game coaching.

So I am actually now going to take up the guy who contacted me on his request and try and help him with a tilt problem. I am not charging, it is just a one off, and Jared is going to listen in to both critique me and also rescue the poor sod if I start giving him terrible advice. It’s a win-win as far as I am concerned, either I look good and help the guy, or I look bad, Jared helps the guy, and I make it clear just how skilled he is at what he does.

It is actually going to be fun setting the line on when in the session Jared steps in because I am giving awful advice.

It could end up being a podcast type of deal like some of the other client sessions Jared has recorded, and will most likely happen next week.

Until then here is a cracking Cash Plays podcast with Jared from last week discussing Risk Aversion, where I get a mention too.


Agasajo said...

good luck with that to both of you if you need another guy to experiment with i allways lack motivation to grind i'm not even able to play for like 20 hours a week anymore.

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