Leaving PokerNews

I never thought I would be saying this, but I have decided to leave PokerNews.  It was a tremendously tough decision because I really enjoyed the job, the company, and the people. The only reason I have left is because a new opportunity has arisen, and after five years I really felt ready for a new challenge. 

Lots of people when they leave a job, particularly it seems in poker, use the opportunity to moan about their former employers and air some dirty laundry - that wont happen here. I have nothing but respect for everyone there, have genuinely enjoyed every minute of it, and think there are some tremendously talented people there. In my opinion they are the best at what they do, and in particular have raised the bar for live tournament reporting.

In particular I want to publicly thanks CEO Robbie Davies, who has been a great leader and friend over the last five years. In particular he was very supportive both when I released my book, and more importantly when my Father passed away last year. He was just as supportive when I told him I was leaving, he was a real class act about it and his priority was making sure I was doing what was best for me. Tony G is also one of the most generous guys you are likely to meet on the poker circuit and it has certainly been entertaining having him as the public face of the company you work for. 

I'm still tying up a few loose ends at UK PokerNews for the rest of the month so you will still see my name on there for a while yet, but my work for the main PokerNews.com site has come to an end. 

Poker is a small world and I know our paths will cross again many times in the future, I wish everyone at PokerNews the best of luck and hope we will all stay in touch. 

On to an exciting new venture, which I will detail in a future blog post this week. 


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