Joining PokerStrategy

With poker in the current state it is in, surely I would have to be mad to leave arguably one of the most stable poker media companies in the business? I would, and I am pretty risk averse during the best of times, so anyone who knows me would probably have guessed I wasn't going to be leaving PokerNews to invest in magic beans. I am pleased to announce I am going to be joining PokerStrategy.com , mainly as a content writer, but with a few other fun things on the horizon too.

Some people in the UK or US may not know a great deal about PokerStrategy, but in the rest of Europe they are a giant. Alongside PokerNews & PokerListings, they are part of the 'Big 3' of poker affiliate sites, as well as probably the biggest strategy site out there (To date I have probably worked for the two best, most self explanatory, domain names in poker, PokerNews and PokerStrategy).

What they are not as well known for, at the moment, is their news content - that's where I come in. Their actual content is great, and the community is incredibly strong, but I'm not sure as many people know about their news content as they should. That said, they have recently had some exclusive statements from Full Tilt, so I guess they are now on the map. They want to establish themselves as as not only the number 1 strategy site, but also the number 1 news site, in poker. My job will be raising awareness of this, and hopefully ensuring that we have unique content that keeps people coming back for more. 

It is a perfect mix of security and challenge for me. One of the real appeals was the challenge of establishing them as the number 1 news site out there, but also having the safety net of them being a massive site with plenty of resource and talented staff to pull it off. This is also without doubt the best ever time to be a poker journalist - not in terms of finding work, in that regard its possibly the worst time, but in terms of finding things to write about. It seems a new scandal breaks every other day at the moment in poker, so one thing is for sure, I wont be bored. 

A change is as good as a rest as they say, and I really can't wait to get my teeth into this exciting new venture, so bookmark PokerStrategy.com, because I am going to be shoving it down your throat anyway. 


Bill said...

Congrats, Barry!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Barry.

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