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Bit of a dump of interesting videos/podcasts here today.

First of all, this is a new news show from Sky Poker called the Rail. You may recall recently I wrote out a list of journalist bucket list things I wanted to do, well a month on and I've done several. I hit 1000 twitter followers, did a 'tweet update' from the Full Tilt Hearing, wrote for a newspaper (The Guernsey Press, lol, for the FTP hearing. Think I still wanna write for the Racing Post at some point). Then was number four, which is work behind the scenes of a TV production.

That would the Rail. Its a news show for Sky Poker, and I have been helping them out with some of the content, and will be appearing on it regularly. Here is the first episode and I actually really like it as a nice, concise, bit of informational TV:

The other thing I urge people to listen to this week is this Quadjacks Interview with Jared Tendler. It starts off as a discussion about the Girah cheating scandal, but the really interesting thing for me is the discussion of regulation that follows it. One of the main reasons I decided to work with Jared and knew our book would be of value, is because he is an outsider from a regulated industry (Both sports and psychology) looking in on poker, and his insight shows just how lacking regulation is from poker, and how much it is needed.


Finally, my god, what can I say about this? Kudos to anyone who makes it to the end, it is either the greatest joke in the history of man, or the most extreme mid life crisis of all time. This guy is a 55 year old casino executive (And the saddest thing is, the song has been stuck in my head for three days):


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