Rounding Up the Poker April Fools Jokes

April fool’s Day might be a good laugh for most people but it is an absolute nightmare when you write daily news reports. A couple of times in my career I have come a cropper to a subtle April Fools story which I went on the write up as genuine news. It has got to the point where I now reply to any press release with “Is this an April fool’s joke?” even if it is the most run of the mill story you can think of.

As a result, I am always on my guard this day of the year and thankfully I think I have managed duck the biggest poker news japes of the day.I must say it was easy this year, the ones I have seen have been really bad.

Stars were quite blatant in their own efforts, actually calling the one off April fools items in their VIP store April Fools Gifts:

The WSOP didn’t really attempt to make their own gag very subtle, suggesting that they were actually going to host a strip poker bracelet event. I can’t really imagine anyone fell for it, it would have been much better had they gone for a $1 million buy-in event or something like that.

Decent effort from Blondepoker.

Not sure anybody could have really believed this one from APAT.

I thought the point of April Fools jokes was to trick someone? Poor effort from Cards Chat too.

In fact the only real win was this Fricke Roll video:

Has anyone seen any decent ones today?


Thanks to the legend that is @KevMath for these two, much better:

Eric Seidel Accused of Collusion

Darvin Moon is Broke (I might have actually believed this one).


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