Big Weekend at the Big Game V

My favourite tournament to play in is the IPO in Dublin. My favourite poker event to attend of the year is the European Poker Awards. My favourite poker event to work on is definitely the Party Poker Big Game, which takes place again this weekend in Nottingham.

I don’t really do the live update thing, but I make an exception with this event. It’s just a fun, unique kind of event to be around. I am getting more and more fascinated with live, real time media and anyone who has followed me on twitter will know I am becoming a social media whore, so the Big Game suits me.

I can’t even begin to tell you some of the stuff PokerNews have planned, it’s so big. The live stream with hole cards, live chat with viewers and players, twitter feeds, freerolls, contests, videos, sound bites etc etc. The really big deal, however, will be the fact that viewers will be vote the players off from the show live. It’s a first for poker, it’s obviously a first for PokerNews, and I imagine it will be an interesting first for me. 

I really do not know how it will end up looking; we are trying so many new things that I am sure some will stick and others will fall on their arse, one thing is for sure it won’t be boring.

Evicting players via a live stream in a cash game, is this poker? Well, it certainly isn’t the purest form of poker around, but it is perhaps about the most interesting for a wide audience. You have to admire Matchroom, they never allow complacency to kick in, whether its poker, darts, or snooker. Some things may look bad this weekend, but I reckon there will be some real gems this weekend that might just set a new bar for poker live reporting & televised poker.

It’s, ahem, good for the game.

Watch it live tonight until Sunday at PokerNews.


James said...

sounds awesome, looking forward to seeing it all come together.


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