The Mental Game of Poker is a College Textbook

This was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

Dr Patricia Cardner from Park University in the States has used The Mental Game of Poker as a textbook in a class she is teaching on Poker Psychology. This is the course description:

PS 390 Selected Topics in Psychology: Intensive study of an area of psychology selected by the instructor on the basis of student need or current interest. Variable credit: 1-3 hours. Prerequisite: PS 101 or permission of the instructor.
Week 1 Introduction to the Psychological Issues Associated with Gambling & Poker Strategy
Week 2 Poker Strategy
Week 3 Motivation and Goal Setting
Week 4 Managing Tilt: Anger and Anxiety
Week 5 Concentration: Focus under Pressure
Week 6 Gambling Addiction and Treatment, Other Potential Personality Issues
Week 7 Detecting Deception Week
Week 8 Putting It All Together
Instructor Learning Outcomes
  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the major psychological constructs that are important to gambling realms (particularly poker)
  2. Students will develop an appreciation for the psychological nuances of various gambling games with a primary focus on poker
  3. Identify and label psychological themes as they appear in gambling mass media
  4. Explain the impact that gambling can have on a person and their family when an addiction to gambling develops or escalates
  5. Understand the course of treatment that applies to gambling addictions as well as assessment procedures
  6. Demonstrate high quality written and/oral communication skills through interaction with other students and the instructor utilizing correct psychological terms and concepts


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