Haven't posted for a week or two, too busy I guess, I was also pretty ill and constipated until last night, which I dare say didn't help (Everything is flowing well again now, thanks for asking).

The big news, for me at least, is that I am now the editor for UK Pokernews. Most people probably assumed I was doing that anyway, as I was writing pretty much their entire content, but it now gives me a chance to do a lot more behind the scenes kind of stuff and promote the website a lot more. I'm still a freelancer, its not going to be my one and only writing gig, but it will take up the majority of my non playing time.

Speaking of Pokernews, I am totally addicted to ChipMeUp their new staking site. Its a very easy to use, very transparent staking website that reminds me of Ebay (sort of). I'm a bit of a fish when it comes to staking but it doesn't stop me and I cant resist sending players little $3 stakes here and there every day. I'll probably have a crack at getting staked myself into something or other, not for my own benefit but maybe as a Pokernews promo thingimebob.

Nearly there with the Pokerstars SuperNova challenge, just a few thousand points to go this week. I started the month with a huge downswing, then enjoyed an extended period of running like god and now its gone the other way again. Such is the nature of SNGs but it sucks being forced to put in the hours this week when I'd love to be taking a few days off from playing.

Blue Square and 888.com have put the first $40,000 No Limit market up for the WSOP. The odds, I think, are really generous and seem to be assuming a 300+ field. Ivey is at 33/1 which I kind of think is generous, off the top of my head I have gone for:

Jimmy Fricke - 81/1
Carlos Mortenson - 66/1
Justin Bonomo - 81/1
Sorel Mizzi - 81/1
Shaun Deeb - 101/1
Jason Mercier - 81/1
Gavin Griffin - 81/1

Will elaborate on that later, I'm now off the hopefully watch the Blades lose the richest game in football.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr Editor, does this mean you get to sign your own expenses now? you can get your moat cleaned now.

Barry Carter said...

Obviously I can throw in a WSOPE and a couple of EPT packages in as expenses, its work sort if innit.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the editor job. Does this mean Mel Lofthouse has moved on to pastures new?

Barry Carter said...

She actually was never the editor of the uk.pokernews.com website, she was editor of the magazine. The magazine was discontinued and she doesn't work for Pokernews anymore - havent spoke to her for a few weeks so not sure what she is up to at the moment.

Anonymous said...

How did that work with poker news magazine? I did an interview with Daniel Negreanu in exchnage for an invite to the hold'em 500. A few weeks later I'm at the Broadway and I pick up the first edition of poker news magazine and it's a four page centre spread! Bloody cheek!

Do you need anyone to hold your bags Sir whilst your in Vegas? I;d make a cracking PA!

Allvira said...

Many Congrates for your desired achievement that means Editor of UK PokerNews. Gud luck..
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