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Had a lovely bank holiday with the mutt, we took him up to Kings Lynn (where my missus is from) and took him on the beach, which was a joy to watch, not so much of a joy to clean his sand beard later though. He was a little angel all weekend, apart from a bout of diarrhoea at 4 in the morning on Saturday, which was a blessing in disguise as that was just the right time for me to watch Ricky Hatton get put on his arse. What a shocker that was, not the result, just the manner of it, I know concede that PacMan is the best in the world right now.

Although I started my new tenure at Stars by running like crap, I now have to stick with them because of this fantastic and frankly unfair promotion for UK players. Just 7,500 VPPs and I get another 80,000 on my way to SuperNova, if I get 18,000 in the month I will be automatically a SuperNova – not bad for one month’s play all year. I’m going the SNG route and originally my plan was to be playing the 6 max $109s this month, but this changes things slightly and I have started by 6 tabling the $40-$60 games 6 max and 9 max, gonna experiment with more tables at one time and also perhaps with the Steps games as well. I can find my niche next month when I am a SuperNova and all the yanks who cant do this promo hate me. Only 17,500 VPPs to go!

Wasted two hours of my life waiting to be a guest on the Poker Show, which never happened. I got a call from Jesse May as soon as the show ended apologising saying I was the first ever guest to get bumped from the show, which is a dubious honour but I’ll take it. The plan is for me to be on next week now as I’m watching the Champions League now instead (priorities). I also need to catch up racking up these VPPs as I have already missed 5 days in May and I am off to London on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, nice puppies ;)I know you only have one but by innuedo does'nt work otherwise!

You not black belting? must be the only player in the UK not on board!

Barry Carter said...

I went to the BlackBelt WorkShop yesterday as it happens, purely as an observer. Neil offered me a spot but had a few commitments this month. It looks tough but the workshop was amazing, 50 really talented players all talking about poker in ways I have never considered before, interesting stuff, I might have made a mistake by saying no.

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